1. This was Eleanor¬†and I’s contribution to Locust Moon’s amazing Dream Another Dream anthology. Lines are mine, colors are hers. So cool and crazy to have work share binding with so many amazing artists.

  2. Industrial sector.

  3. A kitchen I never got around to posting.

  4. All the important stuff happening at http://instagram.com/jonathantune

  5. I forgot to learn photoshop in college so I’m trying to fix that.

  6. I made this illustration for the VICE article Dungeons and Dragon Has Caught Up with Third Wave Feminism. Quick turnaround but a fun assignment!

  7. I made this design for my mom’s phone case. She’s a hand therapist and an artist but maybe you just like hands? Get at me if you’d like the file.

  8. Cooking.

  9. click

  10. I’m making a comic.